I haven't received my Kreds from a TrialPay offer

Sometimes when submitting a TrialPay offer, there can be a short delay before the free Kreds are rewarded. For support with any free Kred offers on Kongregate, or to check the status of a pending offer, use this link:

Be sure to replace username with your account name.


You can contact the customer service team at TrialPay about your missing Kreds from this window. TrialPay tracks offers you have viewed and submitted. Completed ones are noted with a green checkmark and a note that reads Completed. All other offers will show as Viewed


  • If you are having troubles contacting TrialPay through the offer status page, you can contact them via Contact Us.
  • TrialPay also has FAQs available at TrialPay FAQs.
  • If you have submitted a request to TrialPay and have not received a response, you can contact for additional assistance. Kongregate can help you contact TrialPay and ensure that all the required information has been received.
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