My antivirus has warned me about this site!

What are computer viruses, anyway?

Viruses are a complex form of malicious software that spread from computer to computer. Most viruses are spread in one of these ways:

1. Downloading an attachment from an email message. Never download from a source that you do not know! Pay attention to the domain that the email has come from!

2. Downloading software from an untrusted site. Never download software from a site that you do not trust!

3. Malicious Files embedded in other web objects (videos, sound files, advertisements, etc).

If you notice an alert message, please report it immediately! Our admin and web development team work hard to ensure your experience on is a safe one, but your assistance can ensure the continued health of the site!


Some antivirus programs have been known to display alerts or security warnings when visiting sites like Kongregate. Always abide by your antivirus and don't visit a site that displays a warning flag if you do not trust it.

This is the Avast! warning icon.

If you receive an alert of this kind, we want you to be aware of the following key pieces of information:

1. Kongregate has not and will never intentionally host unsafe or malicious links, software, or similar materials.

2. If you see something on our site that you believe is a phishing link or a malicious piece of software, please let us know immediately by contacting Please include a screenshot of your full browser window and the error message, as well as any viewable ads on the page.

3. Updating your Antivirus is a critical step in keeping your computer safe. If we receive and resolve an Antivirus report with the help of a security provider, they will update their databases. Some of these notices  are caused by outdated databases from an older version of the security software.



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