About Browser Extensions

Some applications that are available online can be installed onto your web browser as an extension. These programs alter your browsing experience, and can change your browser's ability to load pages in a number of ways.

Extensions (also known as plug-ins) can be pieces of software that do everything from automatically remembering your passwords to translating web pages into different languages. Some extensions can be used to load additional content such as Flash or Java. uses Flash on most of our site's pages, for both games and chat interface. We encourage all users to keep Flash updated as well as keeping your browser itself updated. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are set up to automatically update; both have great reputations for browsing the internet. Some browsers require manual updating, so it is always worth checking to make sure your browser and extensions are up-to-date before taking any other steps.

Ad-Blocking Extensions are very common browser extensions. While these plug-ins can be helpful at stopping pop-up ads or redirects, they can also block communication with some game servers, and may cause issues as you play games on The easiest way to resolve these issues is to turn off Ad-blockers or to Allow as one of your preferred sites. You can make these changes in your plug-ins' settings. If you experience an issue with an advertisement, please report the ad to and include a screenshot, and our support team will be happy to investigate the problem.

Security Scan Extensions include programs like Subzero, Malwarebytes and Click & Clean. These extensions are relatively new and most are still under development. A full version of an antivirus or a malware scanner is recommended for personal and professional business use, so be wary of using these versions of security software.

Autocompletion Extensions include programs like LastPass, Autofill and Autocomplete On! These can be used to insert your contact information, store your password or secure your payment methods.

Keeping Yourself Safe:

As a rule, only download extensions from trusted sources such as the Chrome Web Store or the Mozilla Add-ons page. Do not download extensions from an untrusted source, as you may be downloading something that will cause more harm to your device or share your personal information with another entity.

Kongregate does not require any extensions beyond Flash, which is available for free from

If you believe an extension may be causing issues with your experience on, please contact for assistance!

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