About Malware and Adware

From time to time, your experience on the web can be impacted by untrusted software. The most common cause for this kind of software appearing on your computer is through downloading free software from an untrusted website or through drive-by-downloads.

Symptoms from having adware on your computer can include:

  • Advertisements appearing in unexpected parts of a webpage.
  • Links redirect you to unexpected sites.
  • A new extension or plugin has been installed without your consent.
  • Your web browser’s homepage has changed unexpectedly.
  • Web pages are not fully loading or displaying correctly.
  • Your browser’s performance has slowed significantly.

It is best to protect yourself while browsing the internet. Kongregate suggests the following steps to protect yourself as you browse the web:

  1. Keep your computer updated! Most web browsers and operating systems will release regular updates that patch security vulnerabilities. Most computers will have an option to install updates automatically, but you can also check for updates manually.
  2. Use Security Software. Most operating systems will benefit from an antivirus shield such as Norton, McAfee or Avast!. In addition, you can consider enabling a firewall on your computer or installing additional Malware/Adware scanners such as MalwareBytes or AVG can be used to remove malicious software on your computer.
  3. Don’t click if you’re not sure! If you aren’t certain that you should click on a link or download a program, then don’t do it. Close windows that do not contain information that you’re looking for or that you did not open. You can consider blocking pop-ups, but bear in mind that some websites use pop-up windows for log-ins or other information.
  4. Windows: Check your Add/Remove Programs for unauthorized software! If you're on a PC, checking for and removing software that you aren't sure you installed is a good step to controlling dangerous software. Steps to do so are HERE! Make sure to pay attention to the name of the software, the manufacturer and the installation date when you review your installed applications!
  5. Mac: Check for Login Items! If you're on a Mac, you may want to check your Login Items. These are programs that launch when you enter your user account and can include malicious software. Steps to control what boots when you log into your user account can be found HERE!


Kongregate always places ads in the same places on your page. There are four main locations:

Upper Game Banner Ad: This appears above the game window.



Game Loading Ads: These will appear in the ad window before a game loads.



Beneath Game Banner Ad: This appears below the game window.



Mid-Page Banner Ad: This appears on the right side of the page.




All Kongregate Ads outside of the game window include a series of controls provided by AdChoices.   AdButtons1.JPG

If you have any ads that appear outside of these four main areas, consider running a malware or adware scan on your computer. For any persistent issues, please send an inquiry to

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