I want to delete my account!

We are able to offer an account deletion, however, please be sure this is what you really want. This is a process that, once done, cannot be undone if you decided you would like to come back to the account at some point. This option will remove all profile content, messages, posts, email address, and username.

If you are just wanting to take a break and may want to come back to the site or preserve your username, we also offer a user-requested ban. This essentially locks the account so no one can access it, preserves the information on it like the username, and can only be undone by the account owner writing to support from the account's listed email address to request it be unbanned.

  1.  SUBMIT A REQUEST HERE and make sure to say which option you would like.  Deletion is irreversible.
  2. You can send another request to recover a user requested banned account.

We are sorry to see you go, but of course will respect your wishes.

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