What happened to my saved game?

Save games and game progress on Kongregate are stored as Flash cookies (.sol files) on your computer. If you have lost your progress in a game, it may be because you are playing on a different machine, or because you have deleted your cookies and temporary internet files. You may also want to double-check that your browser is not set to automatically clear your cookies. This tends to happen after recently upgrading to a new browser.

If you’re having trouble with saves, this list might help:

  1. Don’t clear your cookies or history
  2. Make sure the Flash Storage Settings say “Unlimited”
  3. Make sure “private browsing” is OFF
  4. Make sure “clear browser history on exit” is OFF
  5. Make sure “block sites from setting any data” is OFF (for Chrome users)
  6. Don’t run a program that deletes stuff, like CCleaner or Better Privacy

If you are playing on a different machine, then you should be able to transfer your saved game from another computer. Here's a nice tutorial on how to find a saved game:

If you are having trouble getting a game to save your progress, you may need to tell your computer to allow more space for the game to use on your hard drive. You can adjust your settings by right clicking (control+click on Macs) in the game window, going to "Settings", then "Storage" (it should show a little file folder). I would recommend that you slide the bar over to 10MB, but even 1 MB should be sufficient for the games on Kongregate.

Here is a bit more information, located here:

Please let us know if you have any other questions, or continue to experience more problems.

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