I haven't received my mobile game purchase!

The developers of the game deal with all in game support, questions, and issues - this includes mobile purchases through Apple and Google.

We have partner support on the following games:

  1. SUBMIT A REQUEST HERE for support on these games. We can directly connect you to the developers support system for these games.
    • Animation Throwdown (Synapse/Chinzilla)
    • Bit Heroes (Juppiomenz)
    • Adventure Capitalist (HyperHippo)
    • Tyrant Unleashed (Synapse)
    • Global Assault (Synapse)
    • Spellstone (Synapse)
    • Little Alchemist (Chinzilla)
    • Game of Thrones (Disruptor Beam)
    • BattleHand (Another Place)
    • Party of Heroes (Dedalord)
    • Tap Adventure (Avallon Alliance)
    • Slashy Hero (Gentlebros)
    • Gravity Square (Gravity Square)
    • Bouncy Kingdom (Heavyboat)
    • Logic Traces (In-game)
    • Tap Cats (Kemojo)
    • Undead City Runner (Kemojo)
    • Raccoon Pizza Rush (Neskinsoft)
    • Sky Squad (Neskinsoft)
    • Bullet Boy (Pomelo)
    • Tiny Sea (Starbas)
    • Tinker Island (Tricky Tribe)
    • Raid Brigade (Ultrabit)
    • Pocket Politics (Ultrabit)
    • Forge of Titans (Winko)

For all other games, please review the list below.

  1. Contact the developers of these games for purchase support.

 If they do not respond within 5 business days or resolve your issue   SUBMIT A REQUEST HERE

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