I haven't received my Kreds!

  1. Please confirm on your Kreds history page that you are missing the Kreds you have purchased.

  2. After confirming the purchase is not listed on the page above, please follow the appropriate steps.

I haven't received my Kreds from a Credit Card or PayPal gift card purchase.


I haven't received my Kreds from a Paysafe card purchase.

  1. Please check the balance of your card to make sure that the purchase was indeed subtracted. You may still be able to just use the card again.

  2. If it has, please check this page for instructions on how to contact Paysafe about this issue.
I haven't received my Kreds from a Boku purchase.
  1. For assistance with a Boku purchase, please contact Boku Support. You can contact them from the following link.
I haven't received my Kreds from an Xsolla offer.
  1. If you're having a problem with an Xsolla payment, you'll need to contact Xsolla about your problem. You can contact them at their support page,

I haven't received my 30 free Kreds coupon for downloading a game.

  1. Check the following link to see if the current coupon is valid.
    (Representatives cannot give out coupons for expired offers)

  2. Wait up to 24 hours to receive the code via email. 

  3. Check your private messages to find a copy of your code -

  4. SUBMIT A REQUEST HERE if you have followed the steps above and still cannot receive a coupon.

PLEASE NOTE: you may not be receiving your coupon because an alternate account has already received or redeemed a coupon; as per the rules "Limit one free Kreds award per Kongregate account and household."


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