How do I get more PowerUp Rewards points?

While you can already score PowerUp Rewards points by purchasing games or consoles from GameStop, now you can get them on Kongregate, too! We offer rewards points for:

  • Linking your PowerUp Rewards and Kongregate accounts (explained here)
  • Purchasing Kreds: Whenever you buy Kreds you’ll score rewards points, too! You'll be getting approximately one PowerUp Reward point per Kred, so the more you buy the more you get - up to 1000 points! You can then use those very same points to get even more Kreds-- how cool is that?
  • Earning the Badge of the Day: Every time you earn the Badge of the Day on Kongregate, you will automatically earn the same number of PowerUp Rewards points as the difficulty of the badge. So if you earn an easy BotD, you'll get 5 PowerUp Rewards points. Even if you have already earned the badge that is BotD, you can still get in on the action. Just load up the game and your PUR points will be automatically added.
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