Reporting Game Bugs

Kongregate does not control what happens in-game, but the developers of the game may be able to help you out with any in-game related bugs or questions.

You can submit game bug reports in the toolbar section under each game by selecting the "Game Bug" link located underneath the game (next to the little bug symbol.) This link is only available if the developer has opted in for bug reporting.

Make sure "Report a Game Bug" is selected. Other options will not make it to the developer of the game. (Developer Support is support specifically for developers who make and upload games to Kongregate)

Alternatively, there may be a bug report method within the game or on the game's site or forums.

Each game will have a preferred method for receiving bug reports. Check the Game Instructions and FAQ for each developer's preferred support avenue!

If you are having trouble with a mobile game, check out this article first!

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