How do I report a missing Badge or Achievement?

A Badge or Badge of the day has not been awarded to me?

Do NOT refresh the page or navigate away! It’s likely that your badge is just delayed a bit. Be patient, and wait a full 30 seconds before continuing to the next step.

If the badge is score-based, make sure that your game has ended; some badges will only report statistics after you’ve completed the game, run out of lives, or visited a certain screen in the game.

Also make sure that you’re connected to chat, and make sure that the light in chat is green. Unless otherwise stated in the achievement description, you will not receive any badges if this light is red.

If chat is working, the light is green, you’ve waited patiently, and your game has ended with no badge awarded, follow the following steps to report the missing badge.

  1. You can report a missing badge or Badge of the Day by going to the game's badge panel and clicking on "report missing achievement".
    From here it will take you through the process of reporting a missing Kongregate badge.
    PLEASE NOTE: Badge of the Day's MUST be reported on the day they are featured to receive credit.

I can't find the correct badge on the list?

You probably already have the Badge and for some reason you may not have noticed or the awarding graphic may not have displayed correctly.

You can check to see if the Badge or Badge of the Day has been awarded by going to your Points page. 

You can find your points page here -

When will my Badge report be approved/denied?

Badges are usually reviewed in 24 hours, but should take no longer than 3 days. 

I was denied a Badge report, why?

Most badges are denied because -

  • The username was not included in the screenshot that was submitted.
  • The screenshot did not submit sufficient proof of achievement.
  • The wrong badge report was submitted when requesting the badge.

I can't get a Badge because the game is broken, help?

  1.  SUBMIT A REQUEST HERE with the game and bug that is causing this game to be broken. We will review the game for badge retirement. 





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