I believe a mod didn’t handle a situation correctly. What can I do?

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t do: please don’t insult or rant at the mod. Even if you believe they are the worst person ever, a power-hungry neckbearded manchild who embodies every gamer stereotype and who is bullying you to make up for personal inadequacies… don’t say any of that. If you do, you’ll probably get silenced for harassing them.

Instead -

  1. Navigate to the moderator's profile profile and click in their profile gear.

    Reporting Moderators this way allows for the person investigating the issue to review the Moderator's history and to note the account.

  2. All Moderator Reports are investigated. You may or may not receive a response about this issue from an administrator of the site.

Remember that mods are volunteers; they take care of chat for free because they care about Kongregate. They are also human beings with strengths and weaknesses. We train them, but no training system is perfect. When we hear about a problem, we offer them coaching, suggestions and encouragements to excellence. Your reports help us do that.

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