I want to be a Moderator.

Moderators are selected by the Kongregate staff. Users do not need to be developers, attain a particular level or purchase K+ before they can become moderators; those factors are not considered.

"I need more information! Who appoints moderators? How are they selected? Why am I not a moderator, even though I’m the greatest person who ever lived?"

The process is not perfect. We wish we could hire a team of psychologists to carefully analyze the chat logs on Kongregate, scouring for the best and brightest to help us keep the site sanitary.

The community administrators who appoint moderators are also the same people who deal with every flagged game or comment, award missing achievements, investigate every abuse report against a user or a mod, answer the large volume of email we receive, etc. So please do not take offense if you’re a regular, long-time user on the site who is always mature and courteous, but has never been noticed by the folks who appoint mods. Also don’t take offense if you happen to be a pretty cool person who’s been deemed a little too rough around the edges to represent Kongregate as a mod. Just because you’ve been passed over to do our work for free doesn’t mean we don’t still love you.

Realistically, most moderators are appointed after a confidential nomination by current mods. Friendliness, maturity, and professionalism can go a long way in getting yourself nominated. Zealously promoting yourself will likely disqualify you entirely, as it makes us question both your motives and your maturity level.

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