Who are these people in chat? Are they playing the same game that I am?

Kongregate chat is divided up into two types of rooms.

Regular chat rooms have people who are playing all different kinds of games. All regular rooms have an expectation for what language(s) can be spoken in them; you will be automatically placed in a chat room based on the language setting of your internet browser.

Some multiplayer games also have game chat rooms so you can discuss strategies and team up with other players. These rooms are named after the game (for example, SuperOssimRPG Room #01). All game chat rooms are any-language; most people speak English, but players are welcome to communicate with each other in any language they like.

Everyone who is in a game chat room is also in a regular chat room; you can switch between the game chat and regular chat using the tabs at the top of the chat window. If you do not wish to see chat, you can select one of the other tabs above the chat window (for example, game information).

More chat features:

To go to a different chat room, look at the top of the chat window. Select "Chat actions" and choose "Change chat rooms." ("Chat actions" also includes other helpful tools such as information about the room and adding the room to your list of favorites.)

You can mouseover each person’s name in the chat list to see which game that person is currently playing. Clicking the game title will also link you directly to that game. You will also see links that allow you to view their profile, add them as a friend, mute them, and invite them to private chat if you are a Kong+ member. You can also click each user’s name to view that person’s mini-profile to learn more about them.

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