I can't log into my account!

Before proceeding with any steps, go to your preferred web browser and navigate to Kongregate. If you are currently signed into any account, you must log out to proceed.

Are you receiving an error about having attempted to log in too many times in a short period? Check out this article first!

Please follow these steps to recover your account:

I have access to the email account associated with the Kongregate account I am trying to recover. 

  1. Reset your password by following this link.

If you do not get this password link, please follow these steps - 

  1. You may not be receiving the password reset link because the email on the account is not valid, has changed, or is incorrectly remembered. If you cannot remember the email account associated to your account, please check the other set of options listed on this page.
  2. Check your spam or other filter folders.
  3. Some email providers block our password reset links. If you have not received your password reset link within 24 hours, submit a request here.

I do not have access to the email account associated with the Kongregate account I am trying to recover. 

You may not have access because your account was hacked, stolen, or lost.

Due to account history limitations, account trading/scamming/buying, and other factors, Kongregate has no way to confirm who the original owner of an account is.

Our Conduct Guidelines make it very clear that your account is your responsibility and we won’t help people whose accounts are hacked, stolen, or  lost.

Most accounts that are stolen or “hacked” got that way because:

  • People were sharing accounts or trading badges
  • The user chose a really easy-to-guess password
  • The user gave away their password, usually because they were promised kreds or in-game benefits
  • The user downloaded a file that they believed would help them hack or exploit a game, but instead it stole their account.

Accounts that are lost are usually lost because a fake or outdated email is attached to the account. 

If you would like to ensure the best account security, it's important to avoid behaviors that would detract from the security of the account. 

We will most likely not be able to recover your account if you do not have access to the email attached to the account, however, you can contact support who will attempt to investigate further. 

I do not remember the email account or username associated with the Kongregate account I am trying to recover. 

  1. Submit a request here so we can help provide you with more assistance or information. 
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