Why can't I connect to Kongregate chat or a game on the site?

There can be a variety of reasons that may cause this, but here are a few of the most common reasons and steps on how to fix it:

    1. First, try a refreshing or restarting your web browser. We know it sounds simple, but it works more often than not! If simply refreshing your web browser does not work, try restarting your computer.

    2. Check that you don’t have a firewall, proxy, ad-blocker, or browser add-on interfering with chat loading or connecting. Make sure that ports 5222 and 5229 are allowing traffic on your network. We would also recommend that you try reinstalling your flash player. You can uninstall it here and then reinstall it here. (Note: Chrome users may have to disable the Pepperflash Plugin and see if this changes anything.) If you’re running Norton Antivirus Security, check your settings to see if it’s blocking our connection.

    3. Does using a different web browser provide a different result? If so, this may be an issue with your web browser. Reinstalling your web browser may help set things back into place, but if it not, we would recommend finding a compatible web browser for our site. If you are running any add-ons/extensions, try disabling them to see if that changes anything. Then you can turn them back on one at a time until the chat stops working to find out which add-on if causing problems.

    4. For Firefox users, is your adobe flash player in protected mode? Review this post for more information.
    5. Do you have the correct time and date on your computer? It sounds weird, but security certificates require your computer’s date to be correct or they may expire. Check that you have the correct date, and refresh the page.

Additional steps: Are you connecting from a home, work, or school computer? Can you try from another computer in the same area and see if you can connect there? This can help narrow it down to a local problem, or a network problem.

The following steps may also solve some chat problems.

  1. Disable non-essential browser plugins, scripts, and extensions.

  2. Make sure computer's DNS settings match the settings recommended by the user's ISP. Instructions can be found here.
  3. Check in the computer's hostfile and make sure there are no entries redirecting  Instructions for finding and editing a hostfile can be found here.

  4. SUBMIT A REQUEST HERE if you continue to experience further problems.
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