I received my Kreds, but have not received my in-game purchase!

You can verify your in-game purchases by viewing your Kreds history page.

If you do not receive an in-game purchase, your first step would be to get in contact with the game’s developer. Why?

  • Kreds games tend to have support staff whose job it is to work with Kreds, so they should be able to help you acquire missing purchases.
  • The developers want to know when something is broken in game.
  • We want to know if a developers communication channel is broken or abandoned. 
  • Kongregate does not have access to your in-game data, nor is our staff expected by the developers to solve in-game issues. 

To contact the developer about a missing in game item/purchase, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the game’s page, select “Report Game Bug” near the rating stars, under the game. 

    Select "Report a Game Bug"

  2. Alternatively, if the game has already set up a support e-mail or reporting function within the game, you may want to use that instead. You can sometimes find a contact e-mail address on their main website if they have one, but game bug report should work just fine.

    For example, most R2 games provide in game support - 

  3. Include your Username, Date and time of the purchase, Amount of the purchase (Kreds, and item(s)), and a screenshot of your deducted Kreds.
    You can verify your in game purchases by viewing your Kreds history page.
    Here is a guide on how to take and save a screenshot: We would recommend uploading the screenshot to and sending the developer the link in your report.

  4. Allow adequate time for a response back. This may be anywhere from a few hours to several days.

If you do not receive a reply back from the developer, or you do not receive the response you wish, please let us know. 


Please include the original message you sent to the developer and any response you received from the them.

We are more than willing to provide any information to the developer necessary, and will work with you to see to it that your experience is a pleasant one.

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