What if someone is breaking the guidelines?

Please note that any behavior that can be solved by muting a user, should be solved by muting that user. 

Because of this, we generally don't punish issues that are generally not against the rules and can be solved by muting them. Please keep in mind that we do not punish accounts for behavior in private chat rooms or messages - we recommending muting users who send abusive comments/feedback this way.

Muting a user prevents you from viewing their messages and shouts. We recommend muting any users who you do not want to receive any communications from.

PLEASE NOTE: Being muted by a user is not a punishable offense. Please do not report users who have muted you.

Reporting Users

Reports help us stay on top of what is happening around the site, and get problems resolved as quickly as possible. Our administrators review all reports, and we encourage reporting inappropriate behavior even if you do not receive a reply from us every time. Your name is not given to the user(s) you report.

What if they are breaking rules in chat?

  1. Contact a room moderator about the situation.
  2. If one is not available, you can report a user which sends a report to the admins about their chat behavior. (You can also report abuse from the full profile; it’s under the gear icon.) 

Details about people and history are welcome, but there’s no need to copy-paste the chat logs into your report, because we have links to those and always review them.

What if they are breaking rules in the forums?

  1. To report a forum post, click the "flag post" option in the light-blue box on the left of the post; you will have the option to add a note to explain the problem in case it might not be immediately obvious. If a particular user is causing problems overall, flag several of the posts and leave a note for the forum mod about the problem.

What if they are breaking rules in the game comments?

  1. You can leave a comment for a game by going to the game page and scrolling down.

  2. You can down vote or up vote comments based on their content and contributions. 
  3. If you find a post that is breaking the code of conduct, you can down vote the post and then flag the comment for admin review. Comments are expected to maintain the same standards as chat and forums and comments deemed inappropriate or noncontributing will be removed. 

What about conduct that is not be followed elsewhere on the site?

  1. Go to the person’s full profile and click on the gear icon. You can use the "Report Abuse" option there to report inappropriate usernames, avatars, profiles, or any other problematic behavior.

  2. You may or may not receive a reply about the abuse report depending on the results of the investigation.
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