Friends? Fans? I’m confused!


A friend is someone you liked enough to add to your list of friends.

Unlike some social sites, you can friend anyone you want—a developer whose game you like, a moderator who helped out in chat, or just someone you like as a person. You will be able to see what they have been doing (depending on their privacy settings) in your activity feed.

  1. You can add or remove a friend by visiting their profile.

  2. You can access your friends list here -

A star on this page represents a friend that is also a fan.


A fan is someone who likes you and added you to their list.

They can see all of your Kongregate activity in their activity feed.If you want to change what they can see, go to your profile and select "Account Settings," then "Feed Preferences."

  1. You cannot add or remove fans.
  2. You can access your fans list here -





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