Troubleshooting Flash in Google Chrome

If you've found this article, you've likely found some trouble in getting badges, setting high scores, or buying Kreds. You might have seen this puzzle piece in your navigation bar:




The truth of the matter is that Google Chrome is deprecating support for Flash. You can read more about that here:


We've collected here some general troubleshooting steps for Google Chrome to help you enjoy Flash content.

The first step is to make sure you have Flash enabled on Kongregate. Click on that green lock to the left of your address bar. You'll be greeted by a drop-down menu. Make sure you have Javascript and Flash set to "Allow."



If that doesn't help, click on "site settings" at the bottom of that menu. Add to your whitelist. It will look like this screenshot


If you still can't access Flash content, you might need to check your site engagement index. Paste chrome://site-engagement/ into your address bar. Set the number next to Kongregate to 100.



Once you've managed those three steps, you should be able to run Flash content in your Google Chrome browser! More extensive steps for troubleshooting Google Chrome can be found here:

Use or Fix Flash or Audio - Google Chrome

If you're still having trouble getting badges, buying Kreds, or otherwise interacting with Kongregate, please email


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